Mr. Snowman

by Jones

Last night at about 10pm (which is when all good mothers send their children out into the cold) Maddie and Auntie Kathleen decided to build a snowman in the backyard. I was quite surprised at how large they were able to get it. They found a bucket for his top hat and a lovely….blue rope for his scarf, and apparently Maddie wanted to have the snowman’s tongue sticking out. Nice.


          My kids, Maddie and Noah love playing all kinds of video games. One of their favorite things to do online is play their Jumpeez on They LOVE exploring all the areas it has and playing all sorts of educational games.

 has incorporated a new part to it’s map. Right in the middle of Main Street they have added a zoo with all our favorite characters from Dream Works’ Madagascar movies. My kids were so excited to go try out the new area. Now you can stop by to say hi and play with Gloria, Melman, Marty, Alex and the penguins.

          Located between StoryLand and Windy Hollows, is Madagascar Preschool Surf and Slide, an interactive game featuring baby versions of the Madagascar characters. It allows you to choose your character and which surf board to use. My son (5) was helping me play this game and I found out he knew words I didn’t realize he knew. The game is very educational and easy for the younger kids to control.

          Another area that has just opened up for the season is the Winter Wonderland located in “Downtown”. My kids love this area! Last night one of my kids logged onto and came running out to the front room to tell his sister that it was snowing on Jumpstart again. In Winter Wonderland they can be turned into an elf, catch a ride on a train, sled down fun twisty slides, ice skate, and more. My kids love the ice skating and the sledding! Check out all these new Madagascar features for the winter!

  • Winter Wonderland
    • Snowball fight and sled riding
  • Elf-O-Matic
    • Experience the holidays first-hand as an elf
  • Holiday Scavenger Hunt
    • Sweets and treats, and all things neat
  • Snowman building contest!
    • Build your best snowman before the season’s snow melts
  • Zoosters on ice!
    • Have a blast showing off your skills
  • Madagascar takes New York !
    • Escape from the zoo into Central Park, Times Square, Coney Island and more!
  • Race your favorite Madagascar characters in bumper cars!
    • Bump or be bumped
  • Boardwalk, carnival and games!
    • Play games and win prizes
  • Aerial tour of Italy !
    • Climb aboard the Penguin Glider for some stunning scenery


          Now it’s time for a giveaway! One lucky Keeping Up With M.O.M. reader will win a 3-month membership to which includes access to,, 4 downloadable games, and free printables for grades pre-k through 5th grade! As a mom who home-schools, that is very cool. You have access to all of this for up to SIX kids on one account. I love that because I don’t have to have two memberships and I will be having more children in the future so, even though my 8-year-old will be growing out of it in a couple years, my 5-year-old and all his younger siblings will be able to enjoy it for years to come because we will be purchasing a Lifetime Membership this spring. I even have an account set up for my baby, that I have been using to explore the different worlds ;-) Now you can enjoy 3-months of full access to Enter the giveaway below. The rafflecopter widget does not allow mobile entries, so please enter using a computer. If you can not see the widget please click on the “a Rafllecopter giveaway” link below and it will take you there.

Rafflecopter is currently down and not responding. The winner randomly selected was #7 Jessica A.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by JumpStart in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.


Ok so I am pretty proud of myself, because I don’t do a whole lot with printables or Photoshop for graphic design and what-nots, but I thought I would take a stab at making all the printables for Maddie’s birthday party this year. And I must say I am quite pleased with it so far ;) I saw some concert ticket style invites online and thought I would use that style to do Maddie’s in. I only have the Monster High invitations and the Monster High cupcake toppers done, but I will probably be doing candy bar wrappers, water bottle wrappers, a Happy Birthday banner, cupcake wrappers, place cards, and whatever else I might need. Anyway, I thought I would share my progress with you guys. I will probably be posting all my unpersonalized printables on here as freebies after I am done. If anybody needs them sooner, feel free to email me and I will send you the files :) What do you think of them so far?


Look what I found when I went to use the restroom. I guess sometimes when you need to use the toilet, there just isn’t anywhere to put your toilet candy. Thanks, Maddie, for leaving your plunger sucker jammed into the roll of toilet paper! ‘Preciate that.

And thank you Auntie Kat for always buying my children such…..unique candy! ;P



Photo by: Justin Hackworth Photography

Last Monday Cafe Zupas had a blogger event to announce the grand opening of their store in Sandy, Utah. The Sandy location is now open and will be having it’s grand opening party on Dec. 1, 2012. At the blogger event we were able to bring our families and order from their delicious menu. I got the Turkey Bacon Avocado grilled panini sandwich, the Chicken Cob salad and their Chocolate Creme Brûlée w/ Berries. YUMMMMMMMM! The event was so delicious…I mean fun :) We also received Cafe Zupas’ Blogger Annual cook book full of yummy recipes. If you have not tried Cafe Zupas yet then you are missing out and need to head to one of their locations and check it out.

Photo from:

Photos by: Justin Hackworth Photography

Quarry Bend
9242 S. Village Shop Dr.
Sandy, UT 84094
Phone: (385) 212-2612

NOW OPEN – 11:00am-9:00pm

Thur-Fri, Nov 29-30 Grand Opening Weekend Begins
Stop in and help us celebrate! We’re giving away free desserts with every meal. Think of it as a welcome gift from us to you.
Be on of the first 50 people daily in the door and get 50% of your entire order. Don’t worry, the dessert is still free. We open at 11:00AM daily.
Enter to win a catered meal for your office! We’ll be giving away a catered lunch every day – (bring the whole office in for better odds at winning).
Sat, Dec 1 The Grand Opening Party
Stop in and help us celebrate! We’re giving away free desserts with every meal. Think of it as a welcome gift from us to you.
You read that right! Every patron will be entered to win a $520 gift certificate! That’s enough credit to eat at Cafe Zupas every week for a year!
Be on of the first 50 people daily in the door and get 50% of your entire order. Don’t worry, the dessert is still free.
We’ll be giving away a $25 gift certificate every 15 minutes. When you order your food you will become part of a 15 minute drawing group. While you enjoy your food we’ll announce the winners for your group.



          A couple weeks ago I took my kids to the UCCU Family Festival here in Orem and while we were waiting in line for the face painting we looked across the aisle and found My Salon Doll’s sweet little set up of dolls displayed and ready to get their hair styled. Maddie immediately wanted to go play with them. My Salon Dolls are the ONLY dolls with REAL HAIR! It is hand rooted and feels and looks so much better than typical doll hair, which really can’t be styled easily, if at all. With these dolls you can style their hair however your daughter would style her own hair! Curl it, straighten it, crimp it, wash it, blow dry it — whatever you want. AND their ears are pierced if you want to add some earrings to accessorize your doll! Maddie LOVED playing with them and will be receiving a “Kendrey” doll and some accessories for her birthday, but shhhhh! Don’t tell her, it’s still a surprise!

          My Salon Dolls are prettier than any other 18″ doll that I have seen. On the My Salon Doll website you can visit the “Styles and Smiles Academy” where girls can learn safety tips for their hot tools and how to do different styles on their doll. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced level videos to learn from, which I spent way too long watching tonight, but I finally know how to do a french braid ;)

          Another cool feature of the My Salon Doll website is that they have a “Doll Doctor”. If a puppy or a little brother gets a hold of your doll and ruins a part of it you can admit her to the doll hospital and she will get all fixed up.

          If you are considering getting your child some other type of 18″ doll for Christmas then you will seriously want to reconsider and purchase a My Salon Doll so your child can have a beautiful doll who’s hair they can ACTUALLY style and clean. (Six new doll designs being released on Thursday 11/29 :) )


          And now it’s time for the giveaway! My Salon Doll is generously providing Keeping Up With M.O.M. readers a chance to win a doll of their choice (from what is currently in stock at the time of winning)! Giveaway ends 12/5/2012. Must be 18 and older. US only. Enter using the Rafflecopter Widget below. Good Luck! (ENTRY WIDGET WILL NOT ALLOW MOBILE ENTRIES. Please enter giveaway using a computer. Thank you!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In case the widget is not showing up, here is a print screen of the My Salon Doll WINNER!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a My Salon Doll and some accessories. All opinions are my own.


This last Saturday my sister and I took my daughter, Maddie and two of her best friends to the advanced screening of Disney’s Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings. This is my favorite Tinker Bell movie by far. It is so cute and funny. Maddie and I have been wanting to watch it again ever since we left the theaters! We had a great time on our little girls day! Here is the trailer for Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings, and some fun pictures we took.


Photo from

Our family is in love with the new version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I am particularly a fan of the new theme song. Apparently I am not the only one that digs it. Here are Maddie and Noah pretending to dance/fight as ninjas in yet another wonderful black mail video.


The other day I told my 7.5 year-old daughter that kid joke that goes, “Why was six afraid of seven?…Because seven eight nine.” I could see her working it out in her brain and she smiled after she got it. Didn’t take long for her. A day later I decided to try it out on my 5 year-old son:

Mommy: “Hey Noah, why is six afraid of seven?”
Noah: “What?”
Mommy: “Because seven ate nine.”
Noah: *GASP* “Is seven a vampire??????”
Mommy: “Uhhhhh…..”
Noah: “Welllll, why is seven afraid of nine?”
Mommy: “Why?”

Photo from


Until recently I was under the impression that my four year old son, Noah, was into brunettes according to his random comments about girls on some of the TV shows I watch. However, yesterday I was on Pinterest and he spotted this picture…


Yup. My son is in love with Rachel McAdams. He keeps asking me if we can go far away and see her. “Can she kiss me on the cheek?”… “Can she hug me?” I told him she lives too far away and that she was too old for him but he still wants to go see her. I showed him pictures of her with brown hair and red hair and apparently he still likes her blonde. Regardless of his preference in hair color I have noticed that he does have good taste in looks, although sometimes a wee bit racist….must work on that. Anyway, in further Noah news, he has been telling me he wants a new mommy. I pretend to be offended and ask, “You don’t want me to be your mommy anymore??” and he replies, “No, I still want you, I just want a new mommy too.” I am not sure if he is saying this because I told him Rachel McAdams was around mommy’s age, or because we’re not making sure he’s asleep before watching Sister Wives each week.

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Born: 2/28/2012 @ 2:17 pm – 7 lbs 6 oz; 19.5 inches long


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