Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty

So basically, these shirts fit my personality pretty spot on. I love food and praise and who knows what I’ll say when I’m HANGRY! Unfortunately, I really shouldn’t be embracing this mentality anymore. I did lose weight with my whole Omron Fitness campaign that I did with Mamavation, but after baby number four I have gained it back. I will be trying to drop some weight here soon…I mean, my diet started yesterday, it’s just that Rob went to Costco and bought cake bites, I ate all of them, plus lots of cookies and quite a bit of candy…it’s complicated. My diet starts tomorrow. Wish me luck again. Really all I need to do is stop drinking soda and start walking every day and I am sure I will see a big change EVEN if I have the occassional cake bite binge once in awhile 😉


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