Anniversary Inn Review – The Sultan’s Palace

by Jones

Aside from the great pacadermish bed, there was this wicked awesome jetted tub! At the front desk they have rubber duckies and bath bombs you can purchase to make your bathing experience more fun. 😉

There were robes to wear, and I made some new friends…After that Rob and I went to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes (wearing our own clothes, not the robes).

With a bed as high as the one in “The Sultan’s Palace” room you’re able to see all the “lovely” sentiments people secretly have written on top of the molding. Check it out!

In every room there are two pieces of complimentary cheesecake and a bottle of sparkling cider! It really was so nice to have an evening alone and be woken up by a complimentary breakfast instead of two crazy ass children 😉 Next time we go to the Anniversary Inn I want to try the “Swiss Family Robinson” room.

Anniversary Inn – Fifth South

460 South 1000 East • Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Phone: 801.363.4900 • 1.800.324.4152 (toll free)

Stay provided by Anniversary Inn

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