Meeting Mark –

by Jones

- HardlyNormal Conversation -


+ That was how I first met Mark Horvath of Through a random conversation over twitter. After learning a little more about what Mark does to help put a face on homelessness, I figured I would try and help however/whenever I could, in my own way. I started making airplanes out of 5 dollar bills when I had the extra cash (sometimes when I didn’t) and I give them to homeless people when I see them. I’ve added a section to my site called $5 Airplane Stories where I share a little bit about a particular homeless person’s story, or my experience from spending time with them as well as a picture (if they’re “OK” with me posting it) of them holding the $5 airplane I made them.

+ Earlier this month Mark was finishing up his road trip where he drove all over the country telling homeless people’s stories (showing us what the faces of homelessness really look like) and he stopped in Salt Lake City, UT on October 2nd. I was able to drive up and meet him in person finally. I followed him around while he passed out new pairs of socks to the local homeless people and got a couple stories.  It was pretty eye opening seeing how these people spend their day and how they have to live. Honestly, before meeting Mark I was really in my own little box. I never thought about things going on outside my life. Turns out it feels nice to care about other people. If you haven’t tried it lately….you should. Thanks, Mark :) $5 airplanes

Dear Hotels~

It’s me, Jones. I was thinking maybe you should like…open up a few rooms where homeless people can come and clean up, shave, dress their best so they can go out and apply for jobs presentably. Then when they get an interview have them back to clean up for their interview as well. I don’t know if that’s even doable, but it was a thought….


Jones :)

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