Michael Jackson: Heaven Or Hell

by Jones

Michael Jackson Heaven or Hell
So I just logged into my twitter.com account and saw that I had some new followers. Among them was @deadmichael, so I clicked on it to see what it was about. When reading the Bio:You decide the fate of Michael Jackson, I was like “WHAT? Shut up, cut it out.” (ya know, in my head) then decided to check out the Dead Michael website and saw the above picture.  It is here that you can vote whether you think Michael Jackson will go to Heaven or Hell. Due to the fact that I have thought he has had some sort of chemical imbalance for quite some time now, I voted for R.I.P.  Apparently about 2/3 of the people think he will rest in peace and about 1/3 thinks he will burn in hell – so far. (This is the category you fall into, Kristina lol)

@deadmichael twitter

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